Andrew Regan Announces the Launch of the Sir Wally Herbert Award

Sir Wally Herbert

About the Award

The Sir Wally Herbert Award is meant to encapsulate the true spirit and drive of Sir Wally in his lifetime commitment to make contributions to geographical discovery and research in the polar regions. He completed the first surface traverse of the Arctic, the longest traverse across the Arctic Ocean, reaching the northern pole of inaccessibility and north geographic pole, 6,700km over the pack-ice. The geographic north pole was attained on April 6 1969. Wally and the other three were unquestionably the first men to have reached this point over the ice surface. From the pole, over difficult ice, they continued to Vesle Tavloya, the most northerly island of the Svalbard archipelago, which was reached on May 29 1969, 464 days from Point Barrow.


The award is aimed at expeditions that are seeking to continue the legacy of uniqueness no matter how small or large the expedition is and the committee considers all aspects of but goes back to the question of ‘what would Sir Wally have thought about it.


“We are delighted to launch the Sir Wally Herbert Award in memory of a Polar Icon who has been true inspiration to a generation of explorers. I’d like to thank Kari Herbert (Sir Wally’s daughter) for her support in the launch of this award”

Sir Wally Herbert Award

Founded in 2017 by Andrew Regan in partnership with Kari Herbert, ALE and RGS.
Up to 50,000 sponsorship per year to an expedition that will go to new and exciting expeditions. Most likely in the polar fields. First year, sponsored the Spectre Expedition, lead by Leo Houlding.

The Committee

Andrew Regan

Andrew Regan has journeyed to both the North and South Poles on multiple occasions and led the record-breaking expedition to the South Pole in 2005 as well as the Moon-Regan Transantarctic Expedition in 2010 which completed the first ever there-and-back crossing of Antarctica, via the South Pole. Andrew created the Wally Herbert Award, sponsoring new and exciting expeditions.


Kari Herbert

Daughter of Sir Wally, Kari Herbert is a British travel writer, photographer and television presenter. We are so pleased to have Kari’s support as her father’s legacy is something we are so keen to uphold.


Hannah Mckeand

In 2006 Hannah McKeand set a world speed record for skiing solo and unsupported to the South Pole, a journey of 690 miles that she completed in 39 days, 9 hours and 33 minutes. She went on to completed six expeditions to the South Pole and over 6000 miles of Antarctic sled-hauling, more than anyone else in the world today. She works continues to work as a guide, logistics manager and expedition consultant.


Shane Winser

Geography Outdoors Manager at the RGS, worked there fore 40+ years and has been a part of some of the most exciting projects that the RGS has backed.


Steve Jones

Steve started with ALE as a field guide and then served as Field Operations Manager for 6 years. Working from the UK as the Expeditions Manager, he is the main point of contact for all independent expeditions and also contributes to the operations planning for each Antarctic season.


About Sir Wally Herbert

Sir Wally Herbert, who has died aged 72, was one of the last explorers of the polar regions who was able to make major contributions to geographical discovery and research. From a family background of travel, and an early education in Africa, he spent time travelling throughout the Americas and Europe. His passion for polar regions began in the Antarctic and later extended to the Arctic, where he made the first crossing of the frozen ocean. As time went on, he made a gentle transition to become a writer and artist of the scenes he knew so well.


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