MyCloudTag Launches


MyCloudtag started out as an idea on the back of a napkin in 2009, then turned into something much more promising a year later at the South Pole. The product is as exciting as its location of concept and development – I am so pleased that the world finally gets to download, use and experience something the team has been working so hard towards. We have launched the new website which you can view at and the app by clicking here. The app will revolutionise the quality and quantity of avaliable data the ordinary consumer has access too. The team, lead by Andy Jackson, have mastered all the details. The app development team at Preciousbluedot(makers of Xbox Kinect, Donkey Kong, Golden Eye and more) have re invented the wheel with this “app”. We thoroughly believe that this app is far more detailed than 99% of what is currently available on the market. The team is complete with the winning touch of Matt Robert, fitness trainer to the stars (and David Cameron). Matt has put together a number of very high quality work outs that specialise in a number of important areas.


How was MyCloudtag conceived?

The MyCloudtag app was born in an Antarctic Storm

A group of entrepreneurs were conducting an environmental research expedition to the South Pole

They were testing some prototype activity monitors for hospital and medical markets

After getting stuck in a storm for 3 days and having plenty of time to think, they considered how important it was to prepare physically for such trips and to monitor how your body performed when under stress

They talked about how hard it was for most people to know what activity and exercise to do for maximum health benefit and how to do it – and how difficult it was for people (including themselves) to keep motivated

On return to the UK a range of products were conceived, that would support consumers with getting healthier and fitter – MyCloudtag the app is the first of these!

A group of key experts was brought together to tackle the issues they had identified:

FYI – Despite the delay in our 2010 trip due to the snowstorm, the expedition team still managed to complete the first ever there-and-back vehicle crossing of the Antarctic, covering nearly 4,000 km and travelling for 20 days, 12 hours and 30 minutes.


Who are the team?

We are very proud of the team involved in the MyCloudtag app project – they are the ‘best of the best’!

Preciousbluedot: Some of the worlds leading computer game designers who achieved critical acclaim for the development of Donkey Kong Country; GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark. They went on to develop the Xbox Kinect software technology and avatar interfaces.

Matt Roberts London: International experts in fitness, exercise and health. Creating effective workouts and programs, proven to get results. MyCloudtag brings together a broad range of fitness trainers, coaches, international athletes and sports stars.

Seymour Powell: World leaders in design and innovation.

MyCloudtag is apple iTunes only at this point; Android is in the works.

There are lots of apps on the app store; so why are we different?

We put ‘you’ at the centre of the activity

We will place your workouts in your calendar so you can keep track of what you are doing and when

You can pick a workout designed to meet your goal

We reward you for working out – we want you to succeed – that’s why we created the app

If you workout you gain stars that you can use to unlock more workouts and Programs – you can choose to pay for your workout in effort and not cash!

You can choose to keep in touch with your work and social life whilst you work out by linking your social media and email to your account

Programs are available in four categories:

Weight Loss

General Fitness

High Intensity