MoonRegan Winston Wong Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle

MoonRegan Winston Wong Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle talk at the RAC Club, London.


On a cold November evening, Ray Thompson, the expedition scientist, made a speech to a full room in the Royal Automobile Club (RAC). 3 months ago, the MoonRegan team were approached by the RAC club to display the one of a kind vehicle in their main lobby. This is something of a tradition at the club, with their lobby having a different car on show there every week.


Andrew Regan with the Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle in the RAC Lobby

We also met a gentleman who had been to the South Pole a whole 54 years prior to our adventure in 2010. David Pratt made an inpromptu apreance at the event after he had popped into the club to go for a swim and seen the car on show. After borrowing a tie and pair of shoes from a friend he sat in on the talk and hung around after and told us a few stories about his original trip with Vivian ‘Bunny’ Fuchs & Sir Edmund Hillary. David was the principal engineer of the first overland crossing of the Antarctic continent. Read the full story about his trip Here.


Andrew Regan, David Pratt, Jamie Bligh & Ray Thompson

We also used this fantastic opportunity to talk a little bit about the science that was conducted on the 2010 Moon Regan expedition. What has come out of the knowledge gained from that trip is CloudTag. Now an AIM listed company in London; it started off as a fun idea to test whilst down there. The CloudTag CEO, Andy Jackson was kind enough to present the audience a-little about CloudTag and even demonstrate it with one of the CloudTag employees. The device is 99.7% accurate, and in some cases more efficient than an ECG machine that you would be hooked up to in hospital. The technology is so exciting and I cant wait to see the launch of this product next year. To read more about CloudTag click here.


How CloudTag works. Click the image to read more about CloudTag

On the evening we had three of our team at the RAC; Myself (Andrew Regan), Jamie Bligh and Ray Thompson. We could not have been more pleased with the response and turn out we received on the night and thank you to all of those who asked the fantastic questions. Please do go and see the Winston Wong Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle in the main lobby, it will be there for another 6 days. If you want to see all the pictures and videos or just read the blog posts from our journey click here.